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A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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Best Beef Bourguignon

Thom Hackett
Original Recipe from
"Teri's Kitchen",

Servings: 4


Beef Bourguignon


Beef Bourguignon, or beef in red wine sauce, is a classic French dish known for its deep rich sauce.  Teri says, this is delicious.  It takes a lot of work, but is worth the effort.  As with most stews, it can be made ahead and reheated to add even more flavor.



4 ounces slab bacon, coarsely chopped
1½ pounds beef chuck, trimmed and cut into 1½ inch cubes
4 tablespoons all purpose flour
2 large onions, cut into eight wedges each
2 large carrots, cut into 1-inch pieces
6 large garlic cloves, chopped
1½ cups homemade beef stock or low-salt canned broth
¼ cup cognac or brandy
1 750-ml bottle dry red wine
¾ pounds mushrooms, whole or halved if very large
1 tablespoon dried thyme
½ tablespoon dark brown sugar
½ tablespoon tomato paste

Cooking Method

Preheat oven to 325° F. 


Sauté bacon in Dutch oven over medium-high heat until brown and crisp, about 5 minutes. 

  1. Using slotted spoon, transfer bacon to paper towels to drain. 

  2. Season beef cubes generously with salt and pepper. 

  3. Coat with all of the flour. 

  4. Working in 2 batches, brown beef in the bacon grease over high heat, about 3 minutes per batch. 

  5. Transfer meat to large bowl using slotted spoon or tongs. 

  6. Add onions and carrots to the same pot and sauté until light brown, about 8 minutes, adding a small amount of olive oil if needed. 

  7. Add the garlic and sauté 1 minute.

  8. Transfer the vegetables to bowl with beef.

Add ½ cup of the beef broth and the Cognac to the pot; boil until almost reduced to a glaze, about 8 minutes, scraping up any browned bits. 

  1. Return the meat, vegetables and their juices to pot. 

  2. Add the wine, mushrooms, thyme, brown sugar, tomato paste, remaining 1 cup of broth and bacon. 

  3. Bring to a boil. 

  4. Cover pot and place in oven. 

  5. Cook until beef is tender, about 1½ hours.

  6. Remove the beef and vegetables from the pot with a slotted spoon. 

  7. Spoon excess fat off the liquid. 

  8. Boil the liquid until reduced to about 2 cups, about 15 minutes. 

  9. Taste sauce for seasoning; add salt and pepper if desired. 

  10. Return the beef and vegetables to the pot.

(Can be prepared up to 1 day ahead. Cover and refrigerate.)


Re-warm over low heat or return to a low oven until needed. 


Serve with Buttered Noodles.

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