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A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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Country Ham & Red Eye Gravy

Thom Hackett

Servings: 1

Country Ham, Eggs, Grits, & Red Eye Gravy

This is a traditional way of serving country ham in Tennessee and many parts of the South.  It's usually served for breakfast with grits and hot biscuits.  Water may be used in place of the coffee, but it won't have that unique flavor.


1 (-inch-thick) center cut of country ham
4 tablespoons black coffee
teaspoon sugar

Cooking Method

Trim off the skin from the slice of ham. 

  1. Fry the ham quickly in an ungreased hot skillet for a
    couple of minutes on each side. 

  2. Remove the ham from the pan.

  3. Set aside.

To the hot fat remaining, add the black coffee and sugar. 

  • Stir to dissolve the sugar, cover, and simmer for a couple of minutes.

Pour the gravy over the ham slices and serve.

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