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A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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Cucumber Salad Recipe

Thom Hackett

Original Recipe from The Internet

Servings: 4

In Austria this salad is often served with Goulash or as part of an assorted salad, Austria's gemischter Salat. The cucumber salad on the picture above is mixed with chopped Dill. Dill is often used for cucumber dishes.


1 cucumber

1 garlic clove

2 Ts vinegar (thinned with water)

salt, pepper and sugar

3 Ts salad oil OR sour cream

Cooking Method

Wash and peel the cucumber.

1.   If the cucumber seeds are too big for your liking (when using outdoor grown cucumbers instead of greenhouse grown) discard them by cutting the cucumber lengthwise and carving the seeds with the help of a tablespoon. Cut the cucumber into thin slices.

2.   Now salt the cut cucumber and stir a little and let rest for a few minutes.

The cucumber will now let juices which makes it a bit softer to bite.  The longer the salad stands the softer and more wilted it gets.

         Add vinegar, season with pepper, finely chopped garlic and sugar and stir again letting it rest for a few more minutes.  

Just before serving mix the cucumber salad with salad oil OR add sour cream and stir well.

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