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A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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German Potato Salad

The Kupser Family

Serves: 6


Potato Salad


This style of German potato salad is simple and popular in Germany as well as with the Kupser Family, it is very simple but it very satisfying in taste. The flavor develops as it sits in the fridge. It is best with a waxy potato such as a red skin potato or Yukon gold as opposed to a russet...Stephen Block



1 lb. Yukon Gold Potatoes (or other waxy potato)
cup diced onion ( one medium onion)
Cup oil ( olive or good quality oil)
2 tbsp. vinegar (cider or other vinegar of your choice)

Cooking Method

We boil potatoes in the skin until tender, peel and cool.

  1. We then slice the potato into a bowl, dice a large onion in too.

  2. We then salt and pepper.

  3. Then we mix vinegar and oil and mix in.

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