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A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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Pan Fried Fish

Thom Hackett

Servings:  1


Pan Fried Fish


Lawsey! Thar's jest nothin' better th'n fresh caught fish. Pa was always real good, after spendin' all day catchin' th' fish, to hurry them home so's I culd git them scaled an' cleaned real soon fer his supper.  He shore is nice that away.


corn meal
lard or fat, hot

Cooking Method

Scale and clean fish well, and wash very good in cold water. 

  1. If small, fry them as they are. 

  2. If large, cut them so they will cook better. 

  3. Salt them and then roll them in flour and meal mixed equally. 

  4. Fry in to 1" of hot fat. 

  5. Turn and brown on both sides. 

Serve hot.

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