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A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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Potato Salad Recipe

Bernhard's Austrian Cooking

Serves: 4



Of course potato salad is nothing that only Austrians cook and eat. But maybe you want to know how we prefer to have potatoes prepared for salad. It is a must with all bread crumbed, deep fried stuff, Schnitzel, Backhendl (bread crumbed, deep fried chicken parts) and so on.

In Austrian pubs (Gasthaus) side-salads are almost always a mixture of ready marinated (actually pre-marinated salads) such as salad, cabbage, white beans and this potato salad. Then a spoonful of each salad is placed on the salad-side-dish plate and is usually finished with some freshly marinated green leaves.

I intend to call this potato salad a lukewarm potato salad, for it is essential to use fresh cooked, still warm potatoes when marinating them, by doing this, you make the potato take on all the flavors and the former very liquid marinade gets a good thickening from the potato starch.



1 lb potatoes

cup beef- or chicken broth

1 onion CHOPPED

Mustard, Salt, pepper GROUND

Vinegar, oil, parsley CHOPPED

Cooking Method

How to cook potato salad

 1. Boil potatoes, peel and slice 'em

Wash the potatoes, do not peel them, boil them until they are well done.  Now please do not cool them down, but peel and slice them as long as they are still hot.  I know, it is a pain in the hand, but it is essential and will pay off in the end.

boil unpeeled potatoes  sliced potatoes

 2. The marinade

Bring the broth to heat, add chopped onions, little mustard and a good dash of vinegar.  Also salt and pepper. You do not have to cook the onions, we want them almost raw.  Try your marinade, it should almost be too strong.  Too much vinegar, the mustard even the salt should seem to be too much.  THAT IS OK.  The potatoes will take on so much of it, especially if they are fresh cooked and still hot.  Heat up the whole of it and pour it over the sliced potatoes.

marinade for potato salad  pour marinade over sliced potatoes

 3. The finish

Mix it a bit, and let soak the potatoes in the still warm marinade.  You could add some chopped parsley or freshly chopped chives now, or you just use it for decoration later.  Now add your preferred amount of oil and mix again.  After soaking another 30 minutes, the potato salad is ready to serve.

ready potato salad

 4. One more thing to say

Instead of adding oil to finish the potato salad you could add two tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix and enjoy the uuuhhh...WOW.. MAYONNAISE SALAD.

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