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Unique to Americans but this is a wonderful stew. 



A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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Sweet and Sour Beef Stew (Zuurvlees Limburg)

Servings: 4



The first time I've ever heard of zuurvlees, I immediately thought of the German Sauerkraut. The last time I had Sauerkraut, I got sick. My stomach just couldn't take it. Not a very pleasant memory. Especially because I was on a ski holiday. Luckily this dish isn't that extreme sour and the white wine vinegar makes the meat very tender and gives it an extra zing. This has to be prepared one day in advance, because it has to marinate for 12 hours.



500 g lean beef cut into small pieces;
salt and freshly ground pepper;
300 ml white wine vinegar;
300 ml water;
1 bay leaf;
2 cloves;
2 onions chopped finely;
50 g butter;
1/2 tablespoon apple syrup;
2 slices gingerbread.

Cooking Method

•First season the beef with salt and pepper.
•Next use a big bowl and mix the white wine vinegar with the water. Add the bay leaf, cloves and the beef.
•Add the beef into the mixture and mix it well. Let it marinate (covered) for 12 hours in the fridge.
•Heat up a large heavy bottomed pan and add the butter. When the has melted add the onions and stir fry it until it turns brown.
•Add the beef and stir fry until it is brown. Next add apple syrup, gingerbread and 300 ml of the mixture (water and white wine vinegar). Don't add all of it, because it will become too sour.
•Let it simmer for 3 hours and don't forget to add water.
•Serve with mashed potatoes.

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