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A Cooking Adventure with Thom


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Wild Alaska Salmon with Pecan Pesto

Thom Hackett
Servings: 2


Grilled Salmon with Cilantro-Pecan Pesto, Oaxaca, Mexico


Made with all organic foods.  Natural and Organic products are readily available in your supermarket.



3 ounces shelled pecans

3 tablespoons butter, cold

2 fresh jalapenos

˝ small lemon

1 2-inch sprig of rosemary

Olive oil

Celtic sea salt


Cooking Method

Heat oven to 300° and toast pecans on a cookie sheet until you can smell the aroma of toasted pecans, about 20 minutes. 

  • Transfer, to a cool cookie sheet.


Rinse Salmon and pat dry.

  1. Butterfly fillets with a sharp knife if desired.

  2. Rub salmon with olive oil; salt and pepper both sides.


Heat iron skillet or other heavy skillet over medium heat.

    • Sauté fillets until firm to the touch.


Prepare jalapenos by removing the tops and splitting lengthwise. 

  1. De-rib and remove the seeds with a sharp knife. 

  2. Chop coarsely. 


Cut the cold butter into ˝ tablespoon pats.


Prepare the zest of ˝ small lemon and chop finely.


Chop the rosemary into very fine pieces.

  1. Add the butter, chopped jalapenos, pecans rosemary, and lemon zest to a food processor.

  2. Process 5-8 seconds and scrap the bowl.

  3. Repeat 2-3 times until paste has formed.

  4. Do not over process.


Make a bed, the width and length of the salmon, on two plates with the pesto and place a piece of the cooked salmon over each.


Serve with baked potato and green salad.

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