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A Cooking Adventure With Thom

Meet The Chefs 

There are two chiefs in my house:  My Wife, Donna and Myself.  However, there is only 1 kitchen so we share it although I call it mine.  Check us out below...

Thom and Donna Hackett



Hello Fellow or Prospective Cooks, I am Thomas Leslie Hackett, just Thom (Tom) for short. I have been called "Big Tee" and other things that I will not put here.  I am retired from public work or I should say from any job that pays money.  I seem to be busier now after retirement than before.  I do get to spend more time in the kitchen working on the things I love to do and that is to prepare foods that my family likes.  But let me start from the beginning so you will know more about me.

I was born May 12, 1946, in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. For those of you who do not know Tennessee very well you will find Red Boiling Springs in the middle of the state and about as far north as you can go. My association with food operations extent over a period of 50+ years and include all levels of grocery marketing embracing the wholesale and retail markets in the private sector as well as the federal government including old and new technology.

I first entered the grocery business in 1958, working for a local market in my hometown while I completed High School. I moved to Nashville after graduation in 1964 and began working for a supermarket chain named Cooper & Martin, Inc., a division of Malone & Hyde. I was promoted to Produce Manager in 1965. I entered the Army in 1966 and received a commission to second lieutenant in 1967. I was assigned to the State Department in 1969 and spent the following year in Vietnam where I was awarded the Bronze Star for my service to the Vietnamese government. I was honorably discharged in 1971 at the rank of Captain. I returned to the same supermarket chain in 1971 that I left in 1966 and rose quickly through the ranks. In 1977 I became a Division Manager in the company's wholesale operation providing grocery products to supermarkets in 5 states.

I entered civil service and the commissary system in 1979 with the U.S. Army Troop Support Agency (TSA), as a Department of Defense intern assigned to TSA for training in commissary (DoD's Grocery) operations. Subsequent to this training, my career has included management and supervisory assignments at store and headquarters operational levels. I was the store manager for Ft. Shafter in Hawaii, Oakland Army Base in California, and Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. I also served as the Commissary Officer of the Maxwell AFB Commissary, Alabama; Program Management Chief for the Air Force Commissary Service (AFCOMS) Kelly AFB, Texas; Chief of the Logistics Division, Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA); Special Project Officer in the Office of Corporate Research, DeCA; Electronic Commerce Manager, DeCA; DeCAís Information Systems Chief for Europe and the near East; Director for the Capital Investment Business Area for the Defense Commissary Agencyís European Region and Chief of the Systems Division DeCA Headquarters.

I have a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree with an Accounting Major from Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Troy State University, Montgomery, Alabama.

My wife, Donna, and I have two daughters; Karmen Purdel married to Emanuel Purdel and Kristy Hammond married to James Hammond. We have five granddaughters and one grandson, Katelyn Hammond, Morgan Hammond, Aubrey Hammond, Adina Purdel, Bianca Purdel and Jared Purdel.

My interest in cooking began while I was still a small boy in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. I delighted in following my grandmother around the kitchen both at home and in the hotel where she was a professional chef. I was always seeking to help whenever she permitted it. She was a marvelous cook and a wonderful Christian woman. I still remember the tantalizing smells that forever lingered in her kitchen. It was not until I was married that I begin to use the things I learned from my grandmother. Don't think I married someone who can't cook. I married a wonderful cook, a wonderful Christian woman, and I have learned a lot about cooking from her. I have read cookbooks of every variety and sought recipes from restaurants whenever I discovered a particular dish that I liked. My Recipe book is a compilation of recipes from my family, my wife's family, my friends, restaurants and other cookbooks. You will find some of my favorite Recipes on this site.

I have traveled the continents on the globe with the exception of Africa and South America. Donna and I have many photographs of Europe and the USA including vacations, shopping trips, weddings, and our grandchildren. We will share some family history and memories. We are Christian; we believe the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ. On our family web site, www.thomhackett.com we provide online Bibles in many languages, study guides for the Bible, and an American Translation of the Bible called "The Holy New Covenant". This site is dedicated to food. Both Donna and I love to cook and to dine in and dine out. Together, we have recipes gathered from around the world and family. I will also offer many cooking tips.


Donna's Picture

I am Donna Dolores (Seay) Hackett.  I am also retired from Federal Service at Fort Lee, Virginia. Thom and I use this time to visit friends, relatives, and to places we just enjoy.

I was born and lived in Clarksville, Tennessee Until I met my husband; Thom and he moved me around the world for the next 40+ years.  My cooking education came from my Grandmother, Esther Seay.  My Grandmother was not a professional cook like Thomís grandmother but she was an excellent cook nonetheless.  She cooked country and food was a way of life.  My grandfather, my father, and his four brothers and two sisters meant that mealtime was quite a production to feed this many family members.

As Thomís wife, I journeyed with him to the many states in which we lived and to Europe for seven years.  We have had many opportunities to dine in some very good restaurants and gather numerous recipes for the many years we have traveled.  It is fun to work in the kitchen together to prepare a meal for our friends and family.  We hope to entertain more when we can be at home to work in the kitchen together.

We would be delighted to share the recipes we have gathered to give you a taste of what we have enjoyed.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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