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These are Thom's Favorite Recipes Collected over 50 years.

A Cooking Adventure with Thom

Here is a Listing of my Favorite Recipes.

The majority of these recipes are from other chefs and I have attempted to give them credit for their work.  I have no pride of ownership in any of these recipes, I just enjoy good food and those who prepare it.  I have gathered recipes from my childhood, family, friends, restaurants, and many countries Donna and I have visited.  There are no recipes in this group that I have not tried and enjoyed.  My favorite foods are Soups, Chili and Stews.  I love plain old Southern Cooking and many of these recipes will reflect that.  With that said, my favorite soup of all time Pho Tai and my favorite cuisine of all time is Vietnamese.

Pick out the Recipes you like from the following categories and try them.


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Beef Recipes Healthy & Organic Recipes Sauce, Gravy, & Condiment Recipes
Bread Recipes Lamb Recipes Seafood & Fish Recipes
Cake & Frosting Recipes Mexican (TexMex) Recipes Soup & Stew Recipes
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Chicken & Turkey Recipes Pie & Pie Crust Recipes Thom's Chili Bowl
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