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A Cooking Adventure with Thom

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Chinese Foods

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Indian Foods

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Thai Foods 


Vietnamese Foods

I have a passion for Asian foods since I first stepped into a restaurant in Viet Nam.  I was fascinated by the freshness of all the dishes.  I selected the fish for my main course from a live tank as I entered the dining room.  The soup was put together right at the table with a broth and all fresh vegetables; some of which I had not seen before.  The fish was cooked whole and after receiving instructions on how it was to be eaten; I found it to be delicious.  All of the vegetable and noodle side dishes were superb.  I was hooked.

The internet brings Asia right to our own kitchen.  I have a collection of recipes that I have a special love for each.  I ask you to try them and see if you agree.  If so, let me know.

I recommend you seek more information from these fine locations...

  1. is my favorite Asian food store where I find all the ingredients I need to include fresh produce items, dry items, canned items and even cooking utensils.
  2. will provide you with information on Asian society and foods.
  3. will have all those things you won't find in your grocery store.
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