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Barbeque Recipes

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WHETHER you spell it BBQ, Bar-B-Que, Barbeque or Barbecue, it all means the same thing: Good times in the backyard. Sizzling, juicy meat cooking on the grill. Cooking meat over an open fire made it's way into all cultures. However, when you dig a pit to concentrate the heat and capture the smokiness of the flame to coat the are now roasting the meat in a BBQ fashion.

Throughout the Southeast, pork is the favored meat. This preference likely goes back to the colonial period, when pigs were let loose to grow fat on apples, nuts, and then captured and eaten later, saving the farmer effort and expense in sheltering and feeding the livestock. Virginia and North Carolina favor thin, vinegary sauces that provide a sharp contrast to the rich pork. The rest of the region goes for thick sweet tomato-based sauces that makes the most of local produce. The meat itself is sauced during cooking over the flame and is served mixed or topped by the sauce.

To barbecue means to slow-cook meat at a low temperature for a long time over wood or charcoal.
Barbecue is a Southern cultural icon. Bound to the long tradition of Southern history, barbecue has become more than just pit-smoked pork. Its ties to history, and culture to make it one of the few aspects of life in the South that has not been significantly homogenized by the "Americanization of Dixie." Most Northerners do not understand the concept of barbecue, and are perfectly content to continue grilling hot dogs in the back yard, thank you very much. Barbecue remains a Southern phenomenon, one that can be embraced by Southerners of every race, class and political orientation. What constitutes true barbecue is another question, but arguing over barbecue beats arguing about other, more incendiary (no pun intended) topics. A rousing discussion over a plate of pulled pork makes for a healthy airing of opinions.

The true art of barbecuing requires time and patience to do it right. The cooking is done at 225 in a smoke-enclosed barbecue for twelve to fourteen hours. Most people don't have the time to cook like this but still crave the taste.


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