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A Cooking Adventure with Thom


Cooking For Two

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When it's just you or the two of you, cooking for a few people presents a special challenge. How do you eat a varied, healthy diet without having tons of leftovers or having to throw away food? These tips and recipes will help you cook for two and keep a lid on your food expenses while eating healthy, delicious food.

Shopping and cooking for two can be really fun. You can buy what you really like, splurge on more expensive items because the quantity is smaller, and experiment more. Enjoy!

The dilemma I am often faced with is that I cook too much.  Therefore, I create left over's and I am not a huge fan of leftovers.  Unfortunately, we usually have a lot of leftovers that end up crowding our freezer and refrigerator and eventually get tossed out.

Most recipes you find are written for more than two people.  It's just the way it is.  Because of that it can be a bit tricky to cook for two without leftovers.  so the best thing to do is acknowledge and move on.  The good news is that there are lots of ways to around this.  It's a good thing to remember to cook only what you can eat.



Baby Blue Salad
Hearty Baked Beans
Baked Potato Soup
BBQ Sauce for Chicken
Beef Fillets with Cognac
Beef with Snow Peas Stir Fry
Best Chicken Fried Steak
Chicken BBQ Tennessee Style
Corn-Topped Meat Loaf
Colorful Beef Stir-Fry
Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy
Donna's Stuffed Peppers
Donna's Chili
Grilled Chicken Halves
Linguine with White Clam Sauce
London Broil
Mom's Chicken Cacciatore
Reuben Sandwiches
Risotto with Pancetta and Mushrooms
Roasted Potato Trio
Rock Cornish Game Hens with Wild Rice
Shrimp Scampi
Shoney's Hot Fudge Cake
Salmon with Penne
Thom's Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Making Meals Better

With just two palates to please, you have endless mealtime possibilities.  here are some ideas to wake up your table.

Explore ethnic cuisines.  Browse through the ethnic-foods section of your supermarket, or visit a Latin, Asian, Italian, or other ethnic-food store.  Use ethnic seasonings to spice up basic recipes.

Splurge on fresh produce. Treat yourself to tropical fruits such as mangoes and papayas, or to fresh peaches in the dead of winter. Fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs bring both color and flavor to main courses and desserts.

Head to the grill. Thanks to the popularity of gas and electric grills, grilling is now a year-round activity. Widely assorted barbecue sauces, marinades, and spice rubs are available in supermarkets. Keep a supply in your pantry to add a shot of flavor to meats, poultry, fish, and seafood.

Take time for extras. Arrange foods attractively on plates before bringing them to the table. Finish your plate with simple garnishes such as fresh herbs, citrus slices, or chopped green onion.

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