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Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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"Eat your breakfast.  It's the most important meal of the day!"  Why are parents always saying that?

Fuel TankWell, imagine you're a car.  After a long night of sleeping, your fuel tank is empty.  Breakfast is the fuel that gets you going so you can hit the road.

Some people skip breakfast because they sleep too late or because they think it's a way to stay thin.  But skipping breakfast doesn't help people maintain a healthy weight.  In fact, someone who skips breakfast tends to eat more calories throughout the day.

If you find yourself skipping breakfast because you're tooCereal rushed, try these quick breakfasts. They're easy to grab on the way out the door or can be prepared the night before:

  • single servings of whole-grain, low-sugar cereal
  • yogurt
  • fresh fruit
  • whole-grain muffin
  • trail mix of nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, crackers, and dry cereal

SmoothiesActually, eating breakfast is good for weight loss.  In fact, people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

A healthy breakfast should contain some protein and some fiber.  Protein can come from low fat meats, eggs, beans or dairy.  Fiber can be found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits.  A good example of a healthy breakfast might be something simple like a hard boiled egg, an orange, and a bowl of whole grain cereal with low fat milk.

Stay away from the sugary cereals, syrups, pastries, and white breads because they are digested quickly and will leave you hungry and tired in a couple of hours.  Protein and fiber satisfy your hunger and will keep you feeling full until lunch time.

If you really don't like to eat breakfast, you can split it up Muffininto two smaller meals.  Eat a hard boiled egg at home, and an hour or two later, take a break from work and snack on an apple and a handful of healthy nuts like pecans or walnuts.


Fried Eggs and Turkey Sausage
Onion, Pepper, and Goat Cheese Omelet
Vegetable Frittata


Health Benefits of Eggs?

Eggs are available year round to provide not only delicious meals on their own but as an essential ingredient for the many baked goods and sauces that would never be the same without them.

Composed of a yellow yolk and translucent white surrounded by a protective shell, the incredible nature of the egg is partially found in their unique food chemistry which allows them help in coagulation, foaming, emulsification and browning.

Eggs are a good source of low-cost high-quality protein, providing 5.5 grams of protein (11.1% of the daily value for protein) in one egg for a caloric cost of only 68 calories. The structure of humans and animals is built on protein. We rely on animal and vegetable protein for our supply of amino acids, and then our bodies rearrange the nitrogen to create the pattern of amino acids we require.

In a randomized controlled trial, 160 overweight or obese men and women were divided into 2 groups, one of which ate a breakfast including 2 eggs, while the other consumed a bagel breakfast supplying the same amount of calories and weight mass (an important control factor in satiety and weight loss studies). Participants ate their assigned breakfast at least 5 days a week for 8 weeks as part of a low-fat diet with a 1,000 calorie deficit. (Dhurandhar N, Vander Wal J, et al, FASEB Journal)

Compared to those on the bagel breakfast, egg eaters:

  • Lost almost twice as much weight -- egg eaters lost an average of 6.0 pounds compared to bagel eaters' 3.5 pound loss.
  • Had an 83% greater decrease in waist circumference
  • Reported greater improvements in energy

No significant differences were seen between blood levels of total, HDL and LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides in either group, confirming what other studies (Ballesteros MN, Cabrera RM, Am J Clin Nutr) have shown, including a relative risk study presented at the Experimental Biology meeting: healthy people can safely enjoy eggs without increasing their heart attack risk. The relative risk study, a thorough scientific review of the major studies concerning heart disease causation, which was conducted by Washington, DC-based scientific consulting firm, Exponent, found that eggs contribute just 0.6 percent of men's and 0.4 percent of women's coronary heart disease risk.


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