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Lamb Recipes

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There are many recipes available on the internet and I suggest those at Sheep's Creek...


I have always loved lamb even from a small boy in Red Springs.  Cooking Lamb is very easy, and requires no special preparation.  Since Lamb is a red meat, you can cook it in the same way that you would prepare beef.


Thinner Lamb Chopscuts like chops and steaks can be prepared on a BBQ, or can be broiled or grilled.  Larger cuts such as leg of lamb and rack of lamb, are best roasted.  Tougher cuts such as shanks and stew meat can be simmered for lamb stew.


In American you can readily fine lamb from Australia, New Zealand, and America.

When it comes to lamb, there's none better than American.  That's because American sheep genetics are geared toward producing a superior product.  In taste tests, both consumers and restaurateurs preferred American lamb over foreign lamb.


 What makes American lamb so appealing?  For starters, portion size, mild flavor and the freshness of the product.  American sheep are reared on high quality natural forage diets.  Some lambs are marketed directly from the range or pasture; most lambs are grain-finished for a short period of time before being processed.


With only a few days from the time American lambs are processed until the product is available in grocery stores and restaurants, the meat is always very fresh.


The combination of nutritional management, genetics and ultra-freshness all contribute to a mild-flavor profile as well as larger and more versatile cuts -- which sets American lamb apart.


American lamb is available in a wide variety of cuts. All major lamb processors now have a full-line of case-ready products available to their retail and restaurant customers that are packaged with freshness in mind. If you don’t see your favorite cut of lamb at your store or restaurant, please ask. And, be sure it is labeled “Fresh American Lamb” -- that's your sign for quality, freshness and flavor.


Because of its natural tenderness, American lamb is ideal for outdoor cooking on a BBQ.  "Herbs that go well with lamb include: Basil, Bay leafs, Caraway, Cilantro, Coriander, Marjoram, Mint, Mustard, Oregano, Paprika, Parsley, Rosemary, and Thyme."  Spices that complement lamb include:  Allspice, Cinnamon, Cloves, Curry Powder, Garlic, Ginger, and Lemon Pepper.



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Lamb or Mutton

LAMB is the name given to the meat of lambs; mutton, to the meat of sheep. Lamb, coming as it does from the young creature, is immature, and less nutritious than mutton. The flesh of mutton ranks with the flesh of beef in nutritive value and digestibility. The fat of mutton, on account of its larger percentage of stearic acid, is more difficult of digestion than the fat of beef.  
Lamb may be eaten soon after the animal is killed and dressed; mutton must hang to ripen. Good mutton comes from a sheep about three years old, and should hang from two to three weeks. The English South Down Mutton is cut from creatures even older than three years. Young lamb, when killed from six weeks to three months old, is called spring lamb, and appears in the market as early as the last of January, but is very scarce until March. Lamb one year old is called a yearling. Many object to the strong flavor of mutton; this is greatly overcome by removing the pink skin and trimming off superfluous fat.
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