This is our family news page to address the latest things

                            happening within the family. 


Thom has a new router that is the fastest known to man.




Blue Ridge

We are trying to work a trip up on the Blue Ridge sometime this month.





Donna just completed another tax year.  She is ready for a vacation.





Family News and Events

Latest News


June is a big birthday month for us.  Jared, Morgan, Katelyn and Bianca all have birthdays.


Donna and I are working on our vacation calendar this year and at present we have made no definitive plans except to go to the Blue Ridge sometime this summer.

We may take a trip up the Atlantic Coast just hop in the Acura and head north toward Maine.

Family Reunions

No family reunions are planned this year.

However, we do enjoy family night on every Friday with the family who choose to come to our home.

Hobbies & Activities

Well, we are into our favorite hobby of gardening and photography.  Emanuerl has things growing in the Garden.  Spring onions are ready and the garlic is growing.

School and Education

Grandkids are out of school and enjoying their summer.


Donna is through the tax season and is now doing other things to occupy her time.