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A Cooking Adventure with Thom


Korean Recipes

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Of course when someone hears the words, "Korean Foods" they immediately think of "Kimchi".  Kimchi is in fact served with almost every meal in Korea. However, Korean Foods are more than kimchi as this is merely a side dish with their meal.  Their foods are highly spiced and very tasty.


When I think of Korean food, I think of many small dishes of food or side dishes.  Korean food stands out from other cuisines with the many side dishes (banchan) that are served during meals. The number of side dishes can range anywhere from 2 to 12, but everyday meals feature at least a few. So when you eat at a Korean restaurant, your various side dishes will come to you before your meal in small bowls, and can be anything from vegetables to meat to seafood prepared in any number of ways. Korean dishes are all served at the same time, so there are no separate courses like in Western cuisines. 


Another thing I think of with Korean Foods is Barbecue or "pulgoki".  Korean barbecue is not only popular in Korea it is  also popular with many Americans.

Broiled beef rib ("sokalbigui") is also one of the popular dishes in Korea.  This meat dish is very close to that of the  barbequed beef. However the taste is quite different.  Just try it and I know you will like it.

Rice is the backbone of almost every Korean meal. On rare occasions, noodles will replace the rice, but the vast majority of the time, every person eats a bowl of rice with their meal. Typically, each person will also have their own bowl of soup or stew. The side dishes and main dish or dishes, which can be meat, seafood, or tofu are all be served family-style in the middle of the table. 



Beef and Vegetable Vermicelli Noodle (Japchae)
Grilled Marinated Beef (Bulgogi)

{Quick and Easy} Korean Skillet Jap Chae


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