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Thai Recipes

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The food of Thailand is unique among the cuisines of Southeast Asia. It has the quality and consistency of Chinese food and the spiciness of Mexican. The genesis and principal culinary influences on Thai cooking are Chinese and Indian. The hot, spicy, and distinctivePad Thai seasonings of Szechwan province's dishes have many similarities to Thai dishes. This may be partly because the Tai [the historical ancestors of the Thai, Lao, Shan and other modern Tai-related ethnolinguistic groups], who originated in the southwestern provinces of China, later migrated to the Thai peninsula. Thai gaeng som is a hot and sour soup similar to Szechwan hot-and-sour soup, for example.

Thai stir-fried cuisine has neither the cornstarch thickening and complicated sauces of Chinese cooking nor the use of dairy products and the heaviness and rich aromatic curry powder of Indian food. Indian style has influenced Thai food in the use of spice mixtures or khreuang gaeng, curries, and similar stewed dishes. Thai food is a distinct cuisine in its own right, largely due to the ability to the Thai to absorb outside influences and transform them into something uniquely their own. Thais eat with a fork and spoon, but not a knife. Ingredients --- meat and vegetables --- are cut into small pieces to meet the short stir-fried cooking style. Thai dishes are generally long on preparation but short on cooking time. Everything is served at once, and diners take this or that dish according to individual taste, combining or tasting separately each dish against the bland background of rice. There is no particular order or structure of courses served. The meal is planned so that textures, flavors, and food balance each other.

The skill of blending the five flavors --- sweet, sour, salty , bitter, and hot --- is the hallmark of Thai dishes.


Donna's Thai Cucumber Salad
Fish and Lime Dipping Sauce
Hot and Sweet Dipping Sauce
Pad Thai
Peanut Sauce
Rich Coconut Milk
Thai Beef Salad, "Yum Nuea"
Thai Beef Salad
Thai Chicken Patties with Sweet Chili Sauce
Thai Chicken Sate
Thai Cucumber Salad
Thai Fried Rice and Egg
Thai Noodles with Chicken
Thai Peanut Sauce
Thai Pickled Cucumbers
Thai Pork Chops
Thai Tossed Beef Salad


What is Pad Thai?
This is the one noodle dish to master and to love, over all the others (including the best that Italy has to offer). It's so addictive that it alone would keep Thai cuisine alive, were we ever to become too jaded for our own good and eschewed everything else.

Pad Thai is a splendid lesson in how the simple, and bland, rice stick (a.k.a. rice vermicelli) can evolve in the culinary hands of a tasteful culture. The result is so harmonious, so perfect in every way that it would be hard to imagine it without even one of its vast symphony of flavors and ingredients. Though daunting at first (so many ingredients), it is actually relatively easy to concoct. The only caveat is that one cannot stint on the oil content, although it appears excessive. Too little oil, the noodles will stick and you'll have a mess in your wok.

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